Dwight D.The Dyrt PRO User
Reviewed Jun. 15, 2021

Not my first choice of campground

Flat ground, sand, dirt, moss, leaves. Enough space for 2-3 tents. Lots of trees for hammocks. Wheelchair accessible picnic table. Fire ring. First time I have seen roaches in the wild. Water spigot down the road a bit. Close campsites, no privacy. Close to the parkway, constant road noise. Okay bathrooms, flush toilets, sinks, showers, electric outlet. Payphone!? Playground. Campground sells firewood.

This campground was not my first choice. I would rather be in more secluded mountainous campsites. The upside to being so close to the parkway is that there are convenience stores nearby if you forget something. Campground sells firewood, they leave it outside the park office so you can pick it up whenever, Do they leave it out overnight? Would be great to know when I roll in after office hours Friday night straight from work. I was unnerved by the cockroaches, both in the bathrooms and at the campsites at night. I was afraid to bring them home, but they weren't evident when I packed up. My noisy neighbors were bothersome, until I realized I forgot my phone charging cord and they let me borrow one! Rained Friday during the day, so the ground was wet all weekend, but no puddles. Got a bit of a sunburn because I forgot cloudy days are deceptive. Otherwise, I had a nice time hanging out(literally, I love hammocks) at the campsite the whole weekend, journaling, reading, and listening to music.

  • fire pit area
  • tent area?
  • firepit area
  • wheelchair accessible picnic table
  • night lights!
  • firepit with colorful citronella candle buckets
  • blue-tooth speaker
  • tear down
  • broke my canopy skeleton
  • last thing to take down is my hammock
  • a foot lever!
  • ah, oh no!
  • chipmunk! and birb sounds
  • shower stall
  • shower stall
  • sinks with outlet
  • payphone!?
  • playground
  • where is the park office? nice.
  • park office with wood outside, do they leave it overnight?
  • take what you paid for, don't be a jerk.

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