Jim  L.The Dyrt PRO User
Reviewed Jun. 14, 2021

Clean Ghetto NCY Vegas strip?

Lets start out by saying that it could have been worse. Not sure how much but it could have been worse. 

Started out by arriving at the grounds.

You need cash for everything. This place is scaming someone.  I'm sure they the government is not getting what they should be with an all cash business. 

They show us on the map our full hookup. We get there and learn from other campers that we have to pull through but backwards all utilities are on the wrong side. Even our fire ring and picnic table was on the wrong side.  

While we were there we found that there were over 500 sites only thing is that almost all of them are seasonal. Just about every seasonal camper has a golf cart. Some with loud stereos flashing lights and just about all of the drivers are drinking . Even seen kids jumping off being pushed off and trying to jump on them. Great entertainment if you are watching jackass the movie. It's not relaxing at all.  I used to live in the city and near NYC. This place looks like the Vegas strip or time Square but instead of taxies .........gulf carts until 11pm. They say there is a strict 5 mph.....yeah right cars and gulf carts zipping by all day till 11 pm.

The seasonals well I think that they let other campers in so they the seasonals can stare gock and look at you like we are a display in a department store window or a zoo exhibit. Every time they go by zipping on their carts

The spaces are so tight that one can barely fit between the next rv.   So now you have to turn up your music just to listen to what you're into. 

The pools....1 is for adults only.........unless they have changed the age of adults.......there were kids in both pools.

Staff was rude and ignorant well 99.98% of whom we had encountered. The best example is when my wife and I went to the snack/ice cream place in the park. We arrived approximately 30 minutes before they closed  we waited to be waited on. We can see 3 or 4 girls in the window talking and laughing among themselves. Ignoring us calling for them.  Before we knew was quiting time. On of the teens turned around and slammed the window closed and another turned off the lights.

I could go on 

Bottom line is if you are not a seasonal member don't go.  None of the seasonals want you there


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