Mrs B.
Reviewed Jun. 12, 2021

Had high hopes

I had super high expectations for this campground based on other reviews.  I was disappointed.

I will preface this by saying, I go camping to be in nature and listen to nature, relax, read a book.  If you like to go camp and sit in your RV at all times, this place would be great.

We stayed on a riverfront site A30 in the A loop.  

Our site was pretty, right on the water.  However, there is a A LOT of road noise coming from the other side of the little river at all hours of the day and night. It was not exactly relaxing and peaceful with dozens of motorcycles going by at a time.  The C loop on the other side of the campground for riverfront sites may be farther off the road a little quieter.

We stayed in A30 which has a nice entrance into the water.  There are public campground entrances to get to the river for everyone to use, but A30 has a nice entrance to the water, so there will be lots of people walking through your campsite to get to the water if you stay here, despite there being signs asking them not to.

Wi-Fi is included for 1 device per day that you’re there.  After that, there is an extra fee and it does not even work half the time.  I go to unplug but couldn’t even get a couple of iMessages to go out.

The bath houses were excellent, by far they were the best thing about this place. Very clean, spacious, and well appointed.

If we do go back, it will be to stay on the opposite side of the property, much farther back off the main road and pray for a little more peace and quiet.


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