Kelly H.The Dyrt PRO User
Reviewed Jun. 12, 2021

I’m giving it a 2 for scenery, -3 as almost no one can make it there

So I gave it an extra star because the closer you get, the more beautiful the scenery - but I never made it all the way. The description of the road is a bit deceptive. There’s 7+ miles paved but bumpy, tight turns, and quite a bit is barely one car wide. People were polite about working it out to get around each other but I also almost got hit head on as this guy came around a corner too fast and even after aimed right at me, apparently didn’t see me until I hit my horn so he didn’t ram me. He apologized but seriously if I hadn’t honked, I’m not sure I’d be typing this. So you struggle up all that and get not “almost” to the campground, but 3+miles out when the dirt road starts. I’m in an SUV so not a low clearance vehicle and I’m often driving at about 5-7 miles per hour for most of that to avoid hitting every rock, pothole, etc. I kept counting down how much further as it was closing in on 40 minutes for having covered maybe 8-10 miles. Despite it being a difficult drive, I was confident I could make it how things were going. I’m finally glad to see that i have only 1/2 more mile to go only to see what looks like God, Itself, took a jackhammer to the road and threw out about half the pieces leaving large ruts and holes between large rocks that are sticking up all over the road. I really wanted to keep going but with over 8 miles of no cell reception and not having seen anyone else for the last few miles, I made the incredibly frustrating decision to back up until I could find somewhere to turn around and go back to start. No passing go. No collecting $200. Just no campsite and a wasted hour and a half or so in total. I really believe without monster truck type tires, I’d have either embedded a huge rock into a tire and been stuck or had a tire get lodged between a couple rocks and been stuck. It’s great to be near sequoia national park but if no one hears from you until they send a search party, it doesn’t do you much good.


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