Reviewed Jun. 11, 2021

Gorgeous views but some drawbacks

The valley this campground is in, is flat out gorgeous.  Amazing boulder mountains and tall pines make for stellar views.  Sleeping with the sound of the river was also awesome for the whole family.  But, it isn't perfect (depending on your site).  We reserved site 21 b/c it was right next to the river, however it was right next to private land as well.  There was a literal chain link fence separating the campground from the private property.  I certainly can't blame them...but not a great thing to look at.  The well water was dirty.  I have a lot of well water in my life and this was close to the dirtiest.  Lastly, the river.  The river was awesome, but too fast for small children in June.  I'm guessing August is a much better time to be here.

SiteSite 21

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