Kristina  C.The Dyrt PRO User
Reviewed Jun. 10, 2021

Decent Campground

We went during Memorial day weekend which is a very busy camping weekend. It's a cool spot and the drive there is beautiful. It's the only campground in the general area meaning it's the only bathroom nearby. I'm sure the experience would be different if it wasn't a busy weekend. The entire time people who were dispersed camping would constantly drive into the campsite to use the bathroom. I mean all hours of the night and early morning. Other than vehicles constantly driving in to use the bathroom, the campsite is decent. I would honestly recommend dispersed camping in that area. There are a lot of dirt roads off the main road that lead to dispersed camping areas that have amazing views and more privacy and not right off the main road. We would of done the dispersed camping but did not come prepared for it. Going when it is not a holiday weekend might be more enjoyable. There is one trail straight from the campsite but doesn't really lead to anywhere. The trail had some nice views.

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