Shaun M.The Dyrt PRO User
Reviewed Jun. 9, 2021

A developed primitive campgrounds with very dense wild surroundings right in the middle of the Great Smoky Moubtains.

It has running water, place to wash dishes, a couple pretty large bear boxes (I’m assuming for everyone to share) and bear proof trash. I loved the place, and that’s from someone who hates humidity and bugs and this place is littered with both. But it is quite beautiful.

It’s along the creek and a few campsites have creek side property. A friend and I had one of the sites when we first arrived, then had to move to another site cause it was all that was available online.

When reading about this campground it seemed like it was quite a process to actually get in. It stayed to have all this stuff ready for when you get ready to enter cause otherwise you’ll be turned away. So I made sure ...... yet we stayed for 3 nights and I never once saw a ranger it even a kiosk where one would be situated at. It seemed very high security but upon arriving 1/3 the sites aren’t even occupied??? Online it says they are all booked solid, but reality is no one is showing up leaving this beautiful place empty most of the time. DONT make reservations and do nothing with them. It’s ridiculous how many people seem to be doing that. Especially when it’s such a genuine beautiful place. You can almost feel an old wise presence here.

Not the easiest conditions to enjoy all day due to humidity, flys & mosquitos but I would donut again in a heart beat for another couple days.

Site12, 13, 9

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