Reviewed Jun. 9, 2021

Memorial weekend 2021

We had a beautiful site with a great view , one good neighbor one bad . The campground is out of control there was a large family that we were told when they show up they take over the campground and we were camped by the  the Mom and Dad of the family so everybody showed up for meals at there site and it was like a highway by the windows of our camper at one point they pushed a wheel chair in and rubbed it on the side of our trailer and then I asked them to take a different rout into there site and we were not friends after that . The pool was not cleaned there were leaves and dirt in it and it was very cloudy not fit for swimming in . The canoe trip when we loaded onto the bus they had all the paddles laying in the middle of the floor we were told to walk over them (safety hazard) accident waiting to happen and possible lawsuit in the works . The staff all we seen was kids running the place never seen an adult in charge of anything . The Water very hard and stains everything it touches (need softener)  Quads and golf carts are out of control and very noisy Overall this could be a great Campground if it was ran better we could not wait to go to the next campground in our schedule we left early Monday morning


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