Melissa M.The Dyrt PRO User
Reviewed Jun. 9, 2021

Beautiful trails and scenic sites

Unfortunately this campground is one we don’t see a need to return to. It’s worth a one time visit but is missing several key things we enjoy about camping.

Pros: Campground shares a common area with the light house, walking over to the lighthouse was a fun experience. The new playground was a hit for the kids, one of the best playgrounds we have experienced at a state park.

Park provided several out houses, they do a very good job keeping them clean.

Lighthouse provided an area to sit and watch sunset, beautiful sunset! Walk past the fog building and follow the trail to the water :)

The views and trails are beautiful, local towns are super cute and easy to get to.

Site 4 is shaped weird but beautiful small view of the water and sits up high so you overlook it.

Site 3 is a long site, level and straight back. Nice site for campers

Site 2 fits a pop up nice and has a path to site 3 good for group camping

Cons: raccoons are insane! They are not afraid of anything. We were very good about putting everything away so we only had them visit our site a few times but the dumpster is full of them. They will walk right up to you. Not enjoyable at all! Bugs are pretty bad as well, mainly at night!

No shower house for those who would need one. Lake was lined of film so you couldn’t even rinse off.

There is no beach, you have water front which is beautiful but no beach. The water front is very rocky, and full off a brown sticky film that smelled bad, if you went over to the lighthouse it got better but still nasty. Nearest beach was a 5 minute drive and a 2 mile hike, it was fun but not ideal with tons of little kids.

We have been camping for years, tent, RV, hammock. Doesn’t matter what you are in as long as you are having a good time. Unfortunately the camp host ruined it for us, we did have our RV on this trip, 100 degrees and we have two littles. We were on a two week camping trip, spending the first 5 at this site and then heading to another, we left after 3. We notified neighbors if we needed to turn our generator on and tried not to since we have solar, with the high temps we needed to a few hours at a time. Quiet hours are after 10pm- 8 am so technically we could run it all day, understanding the desire for the nature noises we limited it. The campground host told us at 8pm our inverter generator needed to be turned off, at this time our littlest was finishing her breathing machine so we couldn’t and she got an attitude, we felt we were very respectful the entire time about this, the DNR notified us that we were okay and it was not a problem at all but we were over it by then. (this bad experience toward the end was due to our choice to bring an RV over tent.) If tenting you would not run into this issue.

If we take away our issue with the camp host inability to communicate respectfully we still would have left early. Maybe it was a bad year for the water, I should have looked into the beach area prior to going. Not enough pros to go again.

  • layer of film but Beautiful views
  • playground

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