Reviewed Jun. 8, 2021

Decent but scenic campsite

#46 Estes Branch campground has two large clearings with bear cables, with an additional two small sites in the back closer to the small Estes Branch creek. The two large clearings don't have much level camping space, but the two smaller sites (1, maybe 2 tents each) are the most level and also very private. Otherwise, campsite is scenic and surrounded by mostly large tuliptrees.

I didn't like that this site was a ~2 minute walk to Indian Creek. Indian Creek trail (and this campsite) are scenic but not quite as worthwhile as the Deep Creek trail and those sites which are right on the river. Indian Creek at this point is also too small and rhododendron entrenched to allow for much fishing. #46 also had a fair bit of poison ivy, more than i usually see at GSMNP campsites.

  • first main camp clearing
  • second main camp clearing
  • trail to smaller sites in back
  • small site 1
  • small site 2
  • estes branch
Site#46 Estes Branch GSMNP

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