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Reviewed Jun. 7, 2021

Beautiful and unique campground with many different sites.

Stayed: 5/13/2021

Cost: $14/night plus $10 reservation fee 

Site: 61

Vehicle: Volkswagen Atlas

Equipment: Tent

AT&T and T-Mobile: No Service

This is a very unique campground. Sites are dispersed throughout the entire park, as opposed to being condensed into one central location. It makes for some very unique and private sites - no two alike.

We went for site 61 for two reasons. 1) It was the most private that was remaining, even though 2) it was very close to a bathroom. Most of the sites near bathrooms, were more grouped together. The bathroom itself is less than a 1 min walk from the site. We had one neighbor on the other side of us, but you could only see them if you walked by to go to the bathroom. I think that site 61 could be the most private of all, with site 63 having some of the most beautiful sunset views (pictured).

This site was also nice, because it is tucked-in next to a large rock wall, blocking the wind coming from the north. Do be aware, that Area 7 of the campground (sites 61-64), are at a much higher elevation. Driving to the site from the main part of the park, we climbed over 1,000 feet (up a winding, dirt road), ending at 7,000+ feet. So, the temperature is going to be a little different than it is when you’re checking the weather in Almo. It was about a 10º difference when we were there.

Overall, this is a very nice campground with a fire ring and picnic table. All pictures are from Site 61, with the exception of the sunset from Site 63.


  • Clearly marked and easy to find sites.
  • The road winding up to Area 7 with a second parking spot for site 61.
  • Vault toilets.
  • Cool views behind site 61.
  • Our campsite setup. Plenty of room, with picnic table just behind me.
  • Site 63 is directly across from the bathrooms, so also a short walk for this sunset!
  • Facing directly out the back of site 61.
  • A quick overview of site 61.

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