MThe Dyrt PRO User
Reviewed Jun. 6, 2021

Nice place, definitely has potential

Still being upgraded, so newish pad was still soft but pretty level. Sewer pipes stick out a good 6 or 8 inches. Electric posts are new but have a meter right below plugs, so surge suppressor gets to hang sideways. All nice and new. Will try again in future as it keeps improving

We just overnighted so did not use facilities nor do much in the surrounding areas.

I was right under a WiFi antennae, and managed a 4.5meg download and 4.48 upload. Following are phones ( mostly for hotspot) I have and how they feature Cricket; 7.98dn, 0.84up ATT; 27.69, 0.3 up Visible: 7.2dn, 1.2up Verizon: 44.9dn. 1.88 up T-mobile mifi: no 4g nor 5G service

If I we’re staying in the area for more than a week, I would probably try a nearby COE as they are on the water. This park is near the water and has a restaurant an few hundred yards down the road.

Really pleasant staff. Friendly and were helpful and obliging.

Site30 something

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