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19th Airlift Wing is the host for the base and supports the largest C-130 fleet in the world.  The wing supplies humanitarian airlift relief to victims of disaster in both supplies and troops.  They also provide C-130 training to over 40 allied nations.

The C-130's are the work horse of the Air Force and hero's in and of themselves.  The flight crews are amazing and will fly anywhere.  The C-130 is recognized all across Arkansas and a pleasure to watch lift off and touch down at the base.  Lumbering giants flying the skies over Arkansas they can be seen flying as far north as Mountain View in the Ozarks.

Building began in 1953 and opened on 24 January 1955.  Landowners donated 6,100 acres worth over one million dollars. Back in the day the base was responsible for 18 Titan II Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles located throughout the state.  

To me the jewel in the crown of the Little Rock Air Force Base is the C-130 you will find next to the entrance of the base alongside in the interstate.  The majestic C-130.  On A day in 1975 you would find this C-130 touched down in Saigon during the drawdown of the Viet Nam war/conflict. The payload, Humans.  Brave locals that were fleeing the Viet Cong.  The load on that last C-130 out of Saigon was more than the mighty C-130 could handle but with a fine flight crew at the helm it lifted off and numerous lives were saved.  I have flown on a C-130 and I feel honored to have done so.

While in North Little Rock check out the "Old Mill".  Drive toward Little Rock and get off at the McCain exit, go right, pass through residential area and follow signs for the "Old Mill".  The Old Mill is located in a small beautiful park and during the spring is ablaze with color.  The Mill is a recreation of an 1880's water powered gristmill.  It is famous for its part in the opening scenes of "Gone With The Wind".  It was built in 1933 and is on the National Register of Historic Places.  One thing that is so fascinating is to see what was used to create toadstools, stumps and tree branches on the mill and in the park.

The base has an outstanding golf course, equestrian trails to include boarding facilities, hunting, fishing, bowling, great gym facilities, ITW, library and more.  In Little Rock you will find the Clinton Presidential Library, Little Rock Zoo and so much more.

The campground is very open, as you can see by the pictures, and can be considered an oasis for military personnel and retirees.  There are some sites that I would love to spend a month in but there are more sites that are good for a night or two. Some sites are very nicely shaded but others little to none. The sites are nicely spaced. Bath house with flush toilets and showers with a laundry. Doors have a key pad entry which is nice since the camp is open to base traffic. Lots of trails and entertainment watching the planes overhead. Pretty pond with a nicely shaded children’s play area. No WiFi. NOTE the main exit out of the base is closed (repair work on the road not sure how long it will be closed) so you have to leave the base following a detour. Ever time we went out there was a very long line but it moves fairly well.

Happy camping and stay safe.

  • Poop Station, PLEASE USE
  • Nice small lake
  • Nice backdrop very open in the middle
  • Park area in front of RV camp
  • All types of campers
  • Secure bath and toilet area
  • Group pavilion
  • Pull thru
  • Bath toilet laundry
  • Laundry
  • Pay station and information
  • Great spots along both sides of back RV area
  • Camp site
  • Nice pull through
  • Sign on road
  • Fam Camp sign
  • Welcome

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