Sage M.
Reviewed Jun. 4, 2021

Horrible this is not camping

This was the worst experience of our life, this place was the size of a shoe box was not real camping or even close to it the site was NOT big enough for our tent and truck. We got there and didn’t even get out of the truck and we went back to the front desk and told them we could not stay here and they offered us a 50% refund and then told us we needed to sleep with the owners and the owner told my friend she didn’t look at the fine print and it was very clear what they offer and they are not! He took back the refund and would not give us one! Then told us the site was big enough for 6 people and I said we only had 3 and two toddlers and he said well the sites only big enough for 4 people he kept going back on him self he was extremely rude. This was the worst camp ground I’ve ever been to and it shouldn’t even be called a campground. If you like camping extremely close to others able to touch them and camping on gravel go for it it is also very unsafe for kids! My recommendation don’t go here and go to will o wood camp ground down the road we went there right after they were cheaper and it was 10 times better my kids and us enjoyed it so much more and it had trees!

  • You can see how close these campsites are  and how small

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