Reviewed Jun. 2, 2021

Beautiful. Simply, beautiful!

This place is terrific! Awesome view, abundant wildlife (we had a bald eagle perched across the cove from us for two days, when he wasn’t flying up and down the channel) and very peaceful. Fish from your tent pad if you wish because most are within 15 feet from the water.

We are seasoned tent campers so my review is based off of the Bluejay Tent Camping Loop at Stevens Gap. Each site is directly on the lake and has a level tent pad, a fire ring, a picnic table on a concrete slab, a barbecue grill and a lantern hanger. We were there the day after Memorial Day and the weather stayed in the mid 60’s to mid 70’s. Perfect hammock weather! Plenty of pines and even some oaks for shade. The marina is about a half mile to the East but all of the big boats go East from there so there was hardly any boat traffic except for a few kayaks and canoes. The only downside was the vault toilets, which I normally don’t mind, were terrible. Maybe because of the holiday weekend previous, but nonetheless, they were foul. The ones about a mile up the loop were fine so I don’t know why. I would have given four stars if not for that.
Town is just 10 minutes away with food and entertainment so it was very conveniently located. We hope to return there soon!

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