Reviewed Jun. 2, 2021

Incredible terrain, beautiful skies, super easy access

Please note:  This review is regarding the dispersed camping.  There are (at least) two formal camp grounds right near the dispersed camping area.

We went up there with another family, both of us towing camping trailers with 4x4 trucks.  A 4x4 is not needed, nor is a high clearance vehicle.  All of the camping spots in the dispersed area are either off the the side of the main road, or down small roads branching from the main.  A lot of the sites are not visible from the main road, you need to travel down the little road to see if anyone is there.  Easy to do if you are in a car or truck.  A little more challenging if you are towing something big.  If it looks like there are a lot of people there and you are driving something that can not turn around easy, I would suggest dropping of your trailer at the beginning of the dispersed camping area and scouting out your spot.  Every spot has an incredible view.  The terrain is awesome.  There are several short hiking loops in the area.

The only thing I would change is that we would park further off of the main road.  Some people rip down the dirt roads in their cars and dirt bikes. 

Also, there is an evening breeze that can come out of nowhere and relocate your chairs and adjust your awning so you might want to put them away before calling it a night.

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