Reviewed Jun. 2, 2021

Ocala's Hidden gem

Beautiful Campground. Pull through asphalt sites with picnic table. No on ground fire but covered fires pits can be used. (no on ground or fire rings)

Park is kept very clean and groomed. They mow and blower once a week. Pool is heated. The showers, lodge building and pool deck area are all very clean and stylish. Coded gate with privacy fence is a great comfort.

Huge cell tower in the park so no issues there. In fact cell is way better than the internet. (Verizon) It's not 100% stable wifi but it can be used for streaming or browsing. Not great for video chats from our experience.

Grounds staff are nice & professional but are stickler for the rules. Example, we are allowed to park on the grass unless there is space in front or behind your RV. We got in trouble for driving around our RV to park on the concrete, which is fine. There park, there rules.

They also require wood to be placed under all supports, Jacks, and levelers. No plastic. Marks the ground. Hookups are very close to the RV. Water pressure is very high so have a water regulator. We had to turn it down from 60+ lbs to around 20 flow and 40 no flow pressure. Power is stable. We needed to use large channel locks to get the Sewer cap off. It was xthreaded on wrong.

Also to note, no children allowed more than a week stay. I personally find that to be a weird rule as RVing can be pretty family oriented. Especially for the full timers out there. Once again, there park, there rules.

Dispite some quirks, this place is run like a well oiled machine and it works for them. My family and I are happy with our experience here. We made a last minute reservation and the Check in, golf cart site escort, and setup where a piece of cake. I would recommend everyone to at least try this place. It's a breath of fresh air from a lot of the RV Park in the Orlando and Miami areas. (We travel a lot).

Site290 pull through.

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