Josh S.
Reviewed Jun. 2, 2021

Memorial Day Camping

We managed to snag a last minute spot at Buffalo Point B loop for Memorial Day weekend. The place was absolutely gorgeous. You can get great spots with amazing views of the Ozark Mountains and/or the Buffalo River. From our spot I could see down into the river from our ridge and opposite the river were mountains that rose above us. In the morning these were covered in fog that lifted in the morning.

The campground was packed but I didn’t care one bit. Immaculate grounds, with no trash, clean facilities, Ranger patrols, and nice guests. There was also hiking trails and access to the river right at the campsite.

There are shops that you can purchase a canoe/kayak rental with 4.5 and 9 mile options and a transportation fee. It’s about $80 per canoe and $70 per kayak if I remember correctly. Pricey, but still worth it because of the spectacular views of the wilderness you will get.

  • B31 facing towards the Buffalo River.
  • B31 facing inward towards the camp area.
  • B31 facing the Buffalo River.
  • Views from B31 facing the Buffalo River
  • We found this outcropping behind A19 on a morning walk.
  • I managed to capture this video from up on the ridge at my campsite.

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