Reviewed Jun. 2, 2021

Out in the middle of no where....

My family would camp here once a year for 4-5 days.  It is dispersed camping, so there are no hookups or designated sites.  It is primarily for off road enthusiasts, however, we just came out here to enjoy the desert and go for walks.  We would usually go toward the end of the year when it is not so hot (Oct-Dec) and have had a variety of weather over the years.  From beautiful skies, to wind, rain and snow.  The wind always picked up in the evening, so don't forget to roll up your awning.  Our rig is a 30' bunkhouse trailer being pulled by a full size 4x4 truck.  Although you don't need 4x4 and probably any car can make it out there.  You just might have to drive slow as some of the road are pretty tore up.  The camping is all over the valley and I can't see ever showing up and not being able to find a good spot (for what it is).  There will be dust and some dirt bikes, trucks and OHV's rolling around.  You will probably hear some of them long into the night.  But I think there are areas you can go to get away from a lot of it and enjoy the stars and solitude of the desert.  As you drive in you pass a ranger station.  $10 gets you water to fill up your tanks and a pass to use their dump station.

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