Priscilla J.
Reviewed Jun. 1, 2021

Loved the Hike-in Sites

We came on Memorial Day weekend so the campground was very full. It didn't feel too crowded though except when playing on the playground there were lots of kids and its not a very big play area. But it was fun for the kids to play with other kids. 

While I wish the tent are and comfort station were closer to one another, the walk really wasn't all that bad from our campsite. I loved that the tent sites (especially as you go further back (like to sites 6-10 probably) just had a secluded woodsy feeling to them. I loved how convenient our site was though being right by our car and the road to the restrooms. 

Some of the tent sites are close together with some having a little more seclusion. There are a  lot of trees and plants with it being in the woods so this does help. But with the trail running right down the middle that cuts out a little of your privacy. But the seclusion is definitely better than the RV sites that we saw in the main big loop of the campground. 

We walked a couple trails and they were lots of fun for us and the kids/dogs. 

There is a STRICT no alcohol rule in the tent sites. A sign said coolers are subject to inspection, but from our experience and the vibe of the place, I don't see this really being an issue unless your group gets kind of rowdy ;) 

All in all a great experience.

  • Quick look at our campsite. Ours was definitely the biggest site with the most distance between our site and others. Ours was also the only one with the concrete pad area. And it was the closest to the tent parking area. There are 10 tent sites along the trail and they each get progressively further from the parking area.
  • Our campsite. Only thing I didn't like was the placement of the fire pit. It was right by the trail going to the other campsites so it was hard to get that secluded/privacy feeling when around the campfire. Also instead of having a grill on the campfire. There was a separate camping grill at the site.
Site001 (Tent only area)

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