Carly D.
Reviewed Jun. 1, 2021

Chill, beautiful and relaxing

Four years running and eight trips under our belt, we love camping here. Only once was it not enjoyable, and that was last year when all of the "new" campers came out of the woodwork during quarantine and couldn't understand campground rules to save their lives.

That said, our group adores Bear River. It offers rather level (if not flat) tent camping, and a few RV spots as well. Each spot has a fire ring, grill and picnic table. Their reservation site will let you know when they abide fire season safety and don't allow fires of any kind, so you have time to prepare. The on-site bathrooms are cleaned daily and roomy. You'll need light even before the sun sets though, it gets dark quickly in there.

Depending on which site you choose, accessing the river can take some work, but a quick trip to the day use area provides very easy access. Our favorite spot has some easy climbing access, and we bring our chairs down and relax riverside all day long.

There will almost always be several gold panning folks, and they almost always keep to themselves and don't disturb campers.

The air is deliciously clean, the river provides a calming soundtrack at night, and the rangers are friendly and helpful.

Animal-wise, we have seen everything from chickens to deer to a bear once, but it was absolutely terrified to see humans and fled immediately. Always know your surroundings and read up on your site - there will always be useful safety tips!


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