Erin S.
Reviewed Jun. 1, 2021

Unique, no-frills campground close to Monterey

I had my doubts trying this campground out.  Right next to a race track? No potable water?  But it turns out my doubts were unfounded.  My daughter and I had a great time here!  A short list of things we liked and things we didn't.


- Beautiful views!  Not every site has them, but most do.  Either of the race track or the valleys and hills on the other side.

- Close to Monterey.  Only a 20 min drive to Fisherman's Wharf, Cannery Row, and the Aquarium.  Can't beat it for the price.

- Close to the hiking trails in the Laguna Seca Rec Area.

- Nice bathrooms and showers.

- A pretty decent playground.  My daughter spent most of her time here.


- No potable water.  They mention this several times on their website but still people miss it.  Bring your own water.

- The sites are pretty small and close together.  This wasn't a problem for us, as our neighbors were kind and respectful.  But still, only a few feet away.  

- You can't reserve a site; you can only make requests.  There are definitely sites that are better than others.  If you don't know, ask the host on the phone for a recommendation.

- Ok, I knew it was a racetrack when I made the reservation, but hours of loud cars kinda wears on you after a while.  They ran from 9-4 both days we were there.

- The bugs that crawled out from under my tent when putting things away gave me the creeps.  

- 16% grade on the way up.  Trailers and RVs, its doable but be aware!

Overall, I recommend!

  • Playground and view of the racetrack
  • Porta Potties closer to the site than the walk to the bathroom
  • I was assigned one of these sites first.  These are really trailer sites and SOOOO close together.  I asked for a change and they accommodated.
  • Site 150.
  • Site 150.
  • Map of the campground.
  • Each site has a picnic table and fire ring.

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