Clint The Dyrt PRO User
Reviewed Jun. 1, 2021

Used to be one of our favorites

This campground used to be one of our favorites but it seems things have changed a little since the last time we’ve been here. It’s still a nice campground but there were a few things we weren’t happy with. Let’s start with the pros though. The bathrooms are very clean, they have a heated pool, there is an AJ’s family fun center out front, it’s close to downtown Pentwater and the beach, and they have some nice merchandise in the camp store. Now the cons. There were absolutely no activities going on at the campground and it was Memorial weekend. Having camp activities is standard at most campgrounds and something our kids enjoy. I was very surprised by this. Another con is some of the camp sites were very overgrown . The grass on our site was about a foot long. I don’t think it have been mowed all year. The WiFi in the park was also very spotty. And finally they are extremely strict on their visitor policy. We had some friends show up that were camping near by. They wanted to check out our campsite to see if it was someplace they’d like to camp down the road. The office wouldn’t let them in unless they paid $5 per person which would of cost them $30. I tried to explain to them they weren’t staying more than a few minutes but it didn’t matter they wouldn’t allow it. Overall we had a good weekend but not sure if we’ll be back any time soon.


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