Reviewed May. 31, 2021

Off the beaten path

I’ve stayed here before.
I really like it but you have to work for it. Everything has to be carried in—and 1.5 miles may not sound that bad but the paths can be steep, muddy, rocky, exposed roots—there are plenty of chances for sprains.

Don’t bring your young kids—the trails are honestly too rough. Go to Tettegouche down the road where the trails are more navigable. Too, once you’re at your camp you’re there for most of the day—the trails are just too rough for full day of hiking and exploring. This means you need to bro g something to entertain the young ones (I saw one family twice this weekend with two kids under 7 and each time the kids looked miserable as did the parents).

The reward for the hard work is solitude and quiet.

Also, be courteous—if you u see some one is occupying a campsite don’t wander in just to see (this happen twice to me in one day)


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