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Reviewed May. 24, 2021

Convenient, laid-back camping

Great experience here.

We went hammock camping here at Loft Mountain on a Friday night and packed up Saturday morning. We had to pay to get into Shenandoah, and then pay the camping fee for loft mountain.

We arrived around noon and with the hopes of getting a good first-come, first serve site. All of the reserved sites were booked through July. We had no problem finding open spots when we arrived... the ranger actually highlighted all of the available spots for us on a campground map (probs about 15-20 available). She told us site 35 and 44 were great for hammocking (they were 'meh' for hammocking) and we chose site 44 because it was more private and further from the main road. The downside was that the table was pretty rotted out. I believe 33 was another good tent site. 

Some sites are very close to the road and some you have to walk deeper in so if it's your first time camping or you're not looking for anything intense, this campground will def have something for you. 

Quite a few pets but it was all pretty peaceful. We heard a lot of noises at night and a large doe come up to our site early (2 am??) in the morning and it freaked our dog out... pretty sure she woke up the entire campground with her barking lol but other than that we slept well and didn't see any bears or anything like that. 

Things I really loved: bear boxes at each site, the amphitheater (perfect for sunsets), easy access to trails, the souvenir shops, how peaceful it was, water-bottle filling station. 

Recommended close hike: Doyles Run Falls hike where you see 2 waterfalls. It is pet friendly, takes about 2-3hrs depending on how long you stay at the falls, and is all downhill getting there and all uphill coming back. 

Hope this helps someone plan for their trip!

  • hammock camping at site 44

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