Jessica B.
Reviewed May. 23, 2021

Worst camping experience of my life

This place is terrible!! First and last time I book a stay before physically looking at the place myself ! Fist thing you see as you drive in is a trailer junk yard full of broken down trailers. Then as you continue you see the giant dumpsters that no one can seem to get the trash into the dumpster with an unattended flaming pile of card board. With an apartments amout of furniture scattered around half a pick up truck. The lack of care in that place is sad! If your not the type to enjoy rude drunken madness this is definitely not the place to be! If you like peace and quiet again not the place to be. It is filled with all old broken down half dilapidated trailers that no other camp ground would alow. There is non stop music played at all hrs of the day and night. Drunken fights on the weekends. This place is perfect if you have no kids and looking for a party filled with drugs and alcohol . Furtherest thing from a family campground . There is nothing to do there unless you want to sit around and get drunk . They have a unsafe play ground with a slide that hurts most of the kids that go on it . The swings are falling apart. The beach is covered in goose poo. Non stop swaring every where u go . Teens running around on golf carts with no super vision. They did have a dock but the teens sunk it so the camp took it away which was the only thing the place had to offer. There is a restaurant but the food is gross improperly handled and ridiculously over priced! There is allot of theft and no working cameras on the property!  I strongly recommend that anyone with children stay far away from this camp! But if your looking to party might be the perfect place for you. To each there own as they say ! Will add photos soon

Site495 nicknamed pot lane

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