Jay Brenda S.
Reviewed May. 22, 2021

Needs major improvements

I wish I could say it was a good experience but within the first 24 hrs, proved otherwise. Right away I received a call about my dog barking. She is a new mom and very protective, so she alerts us when someone she doesn't know is near or another dog. Never after quiet hours. Her pups play like babies do, again an issue. The "select" group of campers who's dogs bark well past quiet hour or revving engines continued. I was not comfortable there feeling segregated whilst around us it was ok to break the rules. We were moved to the very end because of the barking. And accused of killing grass that was barely growing in from the winter. Cleaned up loads of dog poo when moved to the 2nd spot left there by prior renters. After the first week we just stayed inside 95% of the time. Showers were cold and in the 21 days we've been here so far only 1 time had a hot shower. I would not recommend this RV spot. Unless of course you're among the "elite"


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