DThe Dyrt PRO User
Reviewed May. 21, 2021

O.M.G.... !!!

This place is BIZARRE. Junk, moldy RV's, a parked garbage truck, un-cut grass and branches/twigs, everywhere. Not to mention un-emptied 'shed' toilets, un-emptied trash & recycle bins, a playground over-run by weeds, a sorely ignored mini-golf course, a desperate looking "pavilion", potholes GALORE, rotted/warped picnic tables, .... As well as a less-than cooperative/helpful/accommodating "manager" who seems to use the word NO, a lot. 3 of 5 sinks in men's bathroom (motion-activated) don't have functioning faucets, the shower floor-grates are stained orange (presumably) due to iron in the well water? The toilet stalls and doors need a coat (or 2) of paint, and lighting in showers needs work. It's a shame this place doesn't practice PREVENTATIVE MAINTENANCE, because they'd get much better reviews !!

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