Reviewed May. 20, 2021

Lewis & Clark Lake State Recreation Area

The NE State Park hosts the Weigand and Burbach campground and cabins and can be booked through The campground gets most of its crowd in the summer months, however the cabins can be booked year around. The campground and cabins are very close to the water. The dock and the store and another campground area are near the entrance to the park. The park facilities are neat and the staff is very helpful. Lots of fishing opportunities on the other side of the dam. We have stayed here multiple times and this place is very scenic, both in the summer and winter. You have deers grazing right by after sundown. Bird lovers have plenty of song birds nesting in the cottonwood trees.

  • sunrise by the river and campground
  • sunset view from campground
  • Burbach Cabins in the winter
  • campfire in the cold
  • view from the campground
  • Animals after sundown
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