Reviewed May. 20, 2021

Camping by the lake

The camp sites are forked out like the cul-de-sac properties, each facing the road and having a large portion of the lake or greens to themselves on the back. It has plenty of greenery and is very well-maintained. It has a  very clean beach area, a boat and kayak landing area and many children parks. There are benches placed at scenic points that offer breathtaking views of the lake in the memorial park. The restroom in the campground was clean albeit flinty. No stores in the park-office (which was anyway closed due to the pandemic), so bring everything (firewood too) along. The nearest gas station is a 10 minute drive towards Raymond.

  • View from the middle Oak campground
  • View from the middle Oak campground
  • Memorial park
  • Our campsite at night ( vehicle headlights).

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