Joan B.
Reviewed May. 20, 2021

From a beautiful backcountry access to a shitshow in a few years

I am a local and have watched people absolutely destroy Austin Hollow in the past few years.  I have witnessed them claim a site for an entire season by leaving a tent on site and returning every weekend, moving in furniture! I found a recliner, giant gas bbq grill, room sized carpet, human shit strewn very close to the tent, a 10X10 collapsed tent under which was canned goods, empty and full, garbage bags full of trash, collapsed chairs, all at the end of the season.  

The rangers cannot keep up .

It is up to good campers to help keep natural areas natural.  Report abuses, talk to people.

Several of our local areas have closed because people are asses.  Continue and nothing will be open for our enjoyment.

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