Mei San H.The Dyrt PRO User
Reviewed May. 19, 2021

Couldn't make it to the camp

I have a Subaru and thought I'd try my hand at driving out to this camp spot. 17 miles from the camp you enter a dirt road. Most of the road isn't bad, but you definitely couldn't pass some spots without some clearance and AWD. 2.7 miles from the camp I spot another subie parked in a nice little camp spot with a fire pit, 2 seconds later I realized why they were parked there. The road turns completely into a 4x4 road. I wouldn't try it in anything other than an ATV. It's narrow and super rocky. There was no way my outback was making it.

I ended up parking in an open field close to the other Subaru as I didn't want to drive 15 miles back down the diet road to try and look for another camp ground. Also, it's high elevation and there is still snow on the ground. Wish I could have made it all the way to see it.

  • this is where I was stopped.

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