Beth H.
Reviewed May. 17, 2021

Beautiful place!

We had an amazing time at FCF! The scenery is amazing. If you like waterfalls, this is your place! So many different places in the park to visit and some are very easily accessible for people with limited mobility. Several hikes get you closer to the falls, but you can see several without a huge strenuous hike. It is one of the best state parks we’ve been to in this area. So many things to do. As for the campground (and why I couldn’t bring myself to give 5 stars) the descriptions and pictures of the sites need to be more accurate. As with all state park campgrounds, it’s not going to be perfectly level or uniform, but I spent days trying to pick the right site for us and our needs. Looked through all the pictures, researched so many spots and finally arrived on a spot in A loop, A13. It mentions “slight incline” and the picture description even showed a truck and camper on the site and it looked very manageable. We backed in to the site and knew immediately we were going to have issues. The site was very long, plenty of room there, but there was no way we were going to get our 5th wheel level short of all 4 tires being off the ground. We went back to the visitor center in a last stitch effort (before hooking up and driving 3 hours back home) to see if there was something else we could do and they graciously moved us to an unused host site in loop B. It was a tremendous improvement. We walked around and find several People had also had issues getting their rig leveled etc. When you are booking these sites remotely, it’s really important that the descriptions are as detailed and as accurate as possible. As mentioned before, we are so thankful for the accommodations they made for us because it was a trip I’m so glad we were able to have, but I’m hopeful that the descriptions on the website will be updated especially or people who are relying solely on what the website says to pick a site that will work for their camper.

Also of important note. Be sure to enter the park via the south entrance if towing anything. Our GPS was directing us via the north entrance and noticed it looked a little treacherous. Did some research on that and found it to be true... switchbacks, no shoulder, very dangerous for anyone towing. South entrance was only a few minutes farther for us and very easy to travel.

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