MThe Dyrt PRO User
Reviewed May. 16, 2021

Nice location with some issues

I've camped here around 10 times. The location to trails, access to water, latrines, secured gate access are all nice. It's about 10 minutes to a nearby gas station but you'd never know it.

The issues and why I no longer go here. The large group sites are peppered throughout the family sites so if you happened to have a loud crowd on your weekend then you'll hear the music and shouting sometimes well into the night despite quiet hours.

The campsite rests below the route to Louisville's international airport. For a hour or two in the morning and in the afternoon huge jets fly right over the campgrounds. Really throws me outta my mood.

The disrespectful large crowds are what really did it for me. Many people treat the campgrounds like thier backyards and that's unfortunate.

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