Greg B.
Reviewed May. 15, 2021

Just when you think there won't be anything...along comes Afton Canyon

As I travel, I really have no set destination.  Something will pop up.  As I left Tucson early that day, I started getting tired, and there wasn't much.  When suddenly, Afton Canyon pops up.  After 4 miles of 'fun' gravel, I arrived...and was the ONLY one here.  It was pretty darn warm (hot), but after setting up camp, I walked to the nearby train trestle over the Mojave River, cooled me off.  Because of the nearby water, mosquitoes were a bit of a problem.  There is one water spigot at the entrance to the camps (roundabout), and sadly, it had been quite some time since the camp was serviced.  The pit-toilets had paper, but needed emptying; and the trash cans were filled to overflowing, thus birds had picked & scattered lots of trash.  Overall, this place has GREAT potential, and I completely enjoyed my night.  And as always, something will pop up :-)

  • An overview of the entrance, after about 4 miles of gravel road.  Not a soul to be seen....
  • Hello.....only a few came
  • As you can can get right next to them....POWERFUL!!
  • My camp, tucked in the was perfect.

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