Joe J.The Dyrt PRO User
Reviewed May. 7, 2021

Arkansas camping at it's best

There are some good reviews here so I will just add a few extra notes.  First and foremost if you are travelling on I 49 and your camper is longer than 25' it is highly recommended that you take exit 53 (170) exit.  There are fewer tight turns for maneuvering big rigs.  Second we camped in campground E which has full hookups.  We had site 79 which is on the end of the left loop and near the bathhouse.  All the hookup were very convenient.   In fact I only had to short hoses for all connections.  Lin Creek is right behind the campground and we could hear the running water which was pleasant for camping and sleeping.  The only down side to our experience was the check-in.  The check-in is not at the campground so, we had to drive our 32' RV to the Visitor Center which has a very small parking lot for big rigs and for turning around.  Signs say to check-in before going to your camp site however; campers with 5th wheel campers were parking their camper then driving their truck to the visitor center.  This I would suggest was a good idea to avoid issues with parking at the visitor center.  Hiking trails were well maintained and easily accessible,   If you only hike 1 trail take the 1.5 mile trail to the water falls.  We were there a day after a rain and the water falls were mesmerizing to see and watch.

  • Devil's Den Falls
Site79 with full hookup

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