Rachel O.
Reviewed May. 6, 2021

Late February Beautiful Rainy 1 Night Tent Camping Trip

Stopped here on a COVID solo camping road trip from MN to TN. I chose to stop and stay at Clifty Falls State Park due to the beautiful waterfalls and also proximity to my journey south. It was still the winter season at this time, so I had to camp in the drive-in non-electric loop. As I was only staying for 1 night, I could not book in advance and just paid via cash in the drop box when I got there. I chose site #166. I knew rain was coming and looked up to avoid any "widowmakers" in the trees above and chose a spot to pitch my tent. Fast forward to morning, and the rain had come. SO. MUCH. RAIN. It was laughable. Definitely tested out my DWR on my tent and gear. However, the massive amount of rain made for very amazing waterfalls. Some sections were closed because of the winter season, and it was pouring all morning, but I had a great time at Clifty Falls State Park in Madison, IN. The solitude was very enjoyable.

4 stars because campsites are close together in the loop I stayed in (not that it mattered to me mid-week in late February), some campsites are prone to flooding, and then there is the power plant located across the street from the south entrance which does detract from the vibe when it's in sight. Other things to note: newly remodeled heated bathroom with flush toilet and shower.

  • Flood Warning at site 166
  • Site 166 Non-Electric Loop - WILL FLOOD in rain
  • Clifty Falls after some serious rain
  • Little Clifty isn't so little
  • Site 108 - pretty flooded
  • Site 166: this is where my tent was...
  • Campsite 122: Very dry, nice separation from neighboring sites, shade from trees
  • Site 164: Very dry. Dumpster nearby (didn't stink in late February), pretty close to bathroom/shower.
  • campsite 165, pretty dry
  • Cake Rock

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