Troy M.

Baton Rouge, LA

Joined May 2019

Dirty and disappointing

My wife and I went here for a brief weekend trip to try out some new gear and to paddleboard in Broken Bow lake. We chose the Coyote Drive camping area because it seemed to have the best water access. The first thing we noticed we we got out to scout out a campsite was that the place was filthy with all sorts of trash strewn around including soiled diapers at one site even though there are dumpsters nearby for trash collection. We did manage to find one spot that was less trashy and spent some time cleaning up what was there before we set up camp. We spent one night but decided to leave the next afternoon because the area was becoming quite crowded and noisy. It seems as if folks are using this as a day use area even though it is a designated campground and there are other day use areas available in the park. Our only interaction with the park staff was to pay the fee. We did not see any other staff attempting to enforce rules and clean up. It's really a shame that the conditions were so bad because the lake and the surrounding hills are beautiful.