Beautiful, but not much privacy

These drive up sites offer a great way to enjoy the beach and not have to leave at the end of the day, but they are all very exposed. Some offer slightly more separation from neighboring sites, but none are what you’d call private. I went in December and it was cold and windy, but nice to be one of the few people there. I haven’t been during the summer, but have heard it’s pretty consistently packed, which would considerably downgrade the experience, considering the lack of privacy IMO.

BUT, if you switch your mindset from camping to extended beach trip, then you’ll not be disappointed. Just don’t expect trees and seclusion.

Oh and the horses are cool! Make sure you don’t leave trash out, even in the middle of the day while you are at your site! I had one come up and start rummaging through the bag I had hanging from my truck that I had to shoo away.

Some site are gems

These walk-in campsites are nestled in the sand dunes, just on the land-side of the peak of the dunes. This means that most sites do not have a view of the water, but are definitely within earshot of the waves when it’s quiet. Each site has a picnic table with a storage locker underneath and a fire ring.

Some of the sites are super awesome and hidden away, but others are featureless and close together, just out in the open. If the campground was full, it would probably kinda feel like festival camping. But many of the sites are in little groups, so reserving a few adjacent sites with a group of friends would probably be cool. Comparing the campsite loop map and google earth will give you a good idea.

There is virtually no shade (literally zero in the middle of the day), so be prepared for that. The vault toilets are close by but not too close and do the job. Parking is also close, but for most of the walk to your campsite, you’ll be trudging through soft sand.

Overall, this campground is a great way to spend a few days at the beach, but doesn’t offer any real seclusion. Worth it, but just be aware of what to expect.