Shawna L.


Sturgis , MS

Joined May 2020

Gate Closed

Not sure if for covid or snow.

Used same rating it already had bc couldn’t review without one.

Closed for Covid-19

Lolo National Forest established campgrounds are still closed as of 5/31/2020.

Lolo Creek runs alongside the highway and is beautiful and rushing water so I’d bet if this campground was open that it would be beautiful too!

I found a pull off on a dirt road and am nestled right next to the creek, free dispersed since in National Forest.


Ugh. Y’all. I drove all day all night to come to this place based on this review and the location/directions/coordinates: all wrong. This appears to actually be 6 hours away in north Nevada. So disappointing.


Road is closed, sun is setting, not hiking in to camp tonight.

This app was worth every penny tonight. We drove 4.5 hours to this spot, excited to camp near water. We didn’t have cell service the entire time on mountain but came back in just as we reached this point. Used app to find another dispersed site 27 mins back up the mountain. GPS got us to main turnoff but it was now dark and I’d seen several turn offs and some RVs camped on side. Didn’t sound like what the person who left the review described it as and my gps had already ended route so I couldn’t even pull up what name of road was to confirm. This app worked. The map pulled right back up and the review I was going based on. We are in for the night (sleeping in pathfinder since we aren’t set for local animals and didn’t get to see the woods in daylight- makes me way more confident/not scared come dark 🤦‍♀️😆). But after the stress of no service, no daylight at all, no GPS locator.. this app prevented full panic. THANK YOU!