Shannon E.
Grand Forks, ND
Joined August 2018
Traveling and assessing accessibility wherever I go
Not Fully ADA Accessible

I will start by saying I absolutely loved this site. The location is amazing and so beautiful. There are tons of amenities and fun activities. The staff are very nice and very helpful. Our camp site (electric only) was large and comfortable and not too close to any neighbors. All in all the campground is amazing if you're able bodied. *side note: we pulled in late at night and this place is nearly impossible to navigate at night. It took us an hour to find our camp.

The second thing I'll say is that although I'm disabled and use a wheelchair, I do not expect campgrounds to be completely accessible, i.e., I realize the terrain and roads and such are going to be rough and bumpy etc.

That being said, there are certain MUSTS that any disabled person needs. The most important is an accessible bathroom and shower (if the campground provides showers). All bathrooms should have at least one stall, at every bathroom station, that is accessible from the outside and is 100% ADA compliant on the inside. At this particular campground one of the "comfort stations" by the pool had zero accessible stalls and the shower doors were about 18" wide. The other comfort station that I found looked accessible, but upon closer inspection the bathroom stall was not remotely accessible to me and although the shower doors were wider there were ledges and loose gravel at the entrance making it very difficult for me and impossible for some others to enter.

There should also be ramp access to every building which I did not see. The pancake tent was our favorite feature and although there was a dirt "ramp" that I was able to traverse, there are some wheelchair users who need better.

It's 2018 and I feel like a company as large and as "accommodating" as KOA should have amazing accessibility and I did not see that here. :( There is ONE bathroom at the main front office that has a very nice handicapped stall but be prepared to wait while all the able bodied people use it first. Also, one bathroom in the main building does not qualify this campground as ADA Accessible, which it says it is.