Sarah B.
Littleton, CO
Joined April 2018
Dunes adventure

We just got back from our trip to the dunes. It was a fun experience and we will be returning in the the fall once the mosquito horde has died.

The sites:

  1. Choose wisely not every site has a view of the dunes. I did my research and was rewarded with a site on the outer portion of the camp ground. Our site had decent shade but many are exposed, bring a tarp or canopy.

  2. July was mosquito madness. Honestly I am from the country and can deal with bugs, but being dived bombed by 30 mosquitos (not exagerrating) is intense. Be ready for battle. Bring a arsenal or bug spray etc. if you come during their prime months. Persobally I will only return in fall or spring prior to these months from now in as it can be tough to relax. They are everywhere except they do thin out the higher you go in the dunes. Just be ready mentally to combat those suckers, they are relentless and thick.

  3. Very close to the creek and dunes. We hiked the dune overlook trail and it was really nice-1 mile long and gave a different perspective of the dunes. There are a few hikes we wanted to try there but the mosquitos were just so thick we stuck to the dunes mainly this time.

  4. No showers. Which can be a bummer in the heat and sand combo so bring shower wipes.