Melissa K.

Montgomery, AL

Joined September 2019

Great to getaway

We just left this morning, booked May 15th-May17th. I did my booking about two weeks early and I know it was sold out when we got there. The majority of the attractions are closed, and half the grounds are due to Covid. The others, including a trail or two are closed due to AT&T tower construction. We got in on the upper semi primitive tent sites, which was absolutely perfect. I booked 107&109 together for a family that was coming up with us, but did want to keep our distance as much as possible as there are still distancing and safety guidelines to live by. I think the ground was perfect and fully shaded spots, I did my research here and we were about 100 ft from the bathrooms (no bathhouse just toilets). They were okay…they did clean them (empty the trash and refilled the soap) by the time we left so maybe once a day. I'd like to see them a bit more sparkling or smell somewhat like cleaning spray to feel comfortable, but I take a cleaning wipe to touch anything that others may touch as well. Then I ensure I'm washing again, with sanitizer after. People don't seem to mind the fact a pandemic is happening but I just want to safely get my family outside the house, and my selfish outdoors experience in. Might not make me much different than the others, but I'd be very careful. The sites were perfect and had trails leading to the Leave no trace trail, which was a good mile for my 3 yr old and 16 month old (we carried both intermittently 16 months obviously was in the ergo baby 99% of the mile). There are shared spigots for water supply and this is no big deal, we put a small hose on ours at 109 & everyone very well enjoyed it. Views make you feel out of Alabama, I am used to 4,000 footers and up but I loved being out there and will go back to plan a hike without my kids (or even husband!)

First time with my family

I've been wanting to visit Oak mountain and we booked last minute May 1st-3rd. They were booked completely except for an equestrian pull through site. I had already made plans with my family and another (both first timers with our own young families). I asked about pitching tents on the gravel and they said people do it. We had two tents on complete gravel and had enough tarp and mats that it really didn't bother us. The stables were right in front of our eyes, and we could hear the peacock next door, which was lovely actually. Their horses on their farm were roaming around and it was beautiful! Bathrooms were absolutely perfect and cleaned what seemed twice a day from the cleaning logs. They were maybe 300 feet from us and since the RVs all have hook ups we seemed to be the only ones using them, really. Everything else was basically closed down, but when we went to hike the water fall trail, it seemed so crowded that I wasn't surprised when we saw the ranger show up to send people out of the falls, so we didn't waste our time. I'd go back to enjoy the beach and trails, with a bike definitely!