Marlene R.
Vista, CA
Joined March 2018
Beautiful campsite. Lacking bear boxes

The campsite was very roomy. Unfortunately you cannot pick a campsite you won't know what campsite you will be on until your arrive. The website for reserving does not explain why you cannot reserve a certain site, but when we arrived I asked them and was told that due to bear activity they often close loops. This would have been good information to have initially so I wouldn't stress so much. I am used to looking at what is available and picking the best out of the choices.

Also, I have camped in Yosemite several times and there is a bear box on each campsite. Yellowstone has 1 box that is shared between 2 -3 sites. Some boxes are very small and will not accommodate a cooler. So, you may ask what do you do with food/coolers that won't fit. You put them in your car. This idea was so foreign to me as we have always been told never keep anything with an odor in your car/truck when camping with bears.

After overcoming all the logistical obstacles we thoroughly enjoy our stay. With each night you have 2 showers per site which is very nice. The showers were wonderful and no time limit.

All in all the 5 nights were amazing. Even in the rain. There are mosquitoes even when the evening temperature dips into the 30's.