Loud, not very nature-y

You will need cash to purchase any firewood or ice. This is a U.S. Army Corps of Engineers campground. Though nice in the sense of being clean and spotless from trash, it is located right next to a dam and you may be woken at random hours of the night due to the dam's alarm bell. There are both portable and flush toilets, showers are within a short walk of the tent spaces. Very buggy with mosquitos at night due to the several stagnant fishing ponds scattered along the nature trail nearby. A cheap campground for a quick stay on a late-night roadtrip, but not a destination site.

Sitting in a hot tub enjoying the view

My husband and I found ourselves trekking the 6 miles in to a backcountry site in Glacier. Our first comment at the nearest climb was "how about we go back to St Mary KOA?" haha we were dreaming of returning to this campground at the end. FANTASTIC campground. A beautiful stream and little nature trail border the tent sites. Sites are busy in the summer, but no more so then you would find directly inside the park boundaries. Just outside the park boundaries you get the picturesque mountain views all from the luxury of a hot tub, pool, and homeade pizza delivered right to your site! Beer, wine, an ice cream bar, and lots of camp gear and souvenirs sold in the gift shop. Fantastic way to spend some evenings in glacier whether returning from day-hikes or showering off grime from the backcountry. View from the hot tub below.

Steep but Secluded

An excellent spot away from any human activity. Hike-in on a flat boardwalk and then expect a short but steep climb to the top of a hill for this camp spot. Recommended to fill water at the spigot near the park entrance, or bring a water filter to climb back down the hill and pump water at the lake. This site has 2 small tent pads - would be really hard to fit a tent bigger then a 2-person on each pad. Great trees for hanging a bear bag, and this site has its own private privy nestled in the trees to boot! Bring your own TP of course. A fantastic spot in the woods away from any other campers. Picture below taken from the view of sitting next to campfire pit.

No mosquitos!

Whitewater has it all. Prairie, trout streams, bluff hiking, completely beautiful! Make sure to watch where you set up your tent, some of the tent sites have low-spots. However with all the surrounding running water in the streams there are very few bugs to worry about! Toilets are a short walk away from camp, and showers are always clean but never hot. Below is a picture from the chimney rock trail hike.

Excellent backpack-in site

About 6.4 miles in from the trailhead, this is an EXCELLENT site! There are a lot of black flies during the day, and a lot of mosquitos at night so bring your repellent. You can swim at this lake, and the crisp glacial waters are amazing for a dip after the hike in. The views from all the tentpads are phenomenal - makes the uphill hiking worth it many times over! Separate cooking area a short walk from the tent pads keeps away bears, and a bear pole makes storing food a breeze with some rope. Of course bring a water filter for the lake, and some TP for the privy. Privy has a shelter with a latched door which is great for privacy with shared campsites. One of the tentpad areas has some great trees for hammock camping. We hung up two hammocks and slept there all night! No fires are allowed so bring a camp stove.

Friendly, but still quiet

Stayed in the C loop so showers were VERY far away - about a 15 min walk. Lots of families were staying around us but even though the campgrounds are close together it was actually pretty quiet at night. I believe this was due to the woods being on one side of us, so instead of surrounded on all 4 sides by tent sites it was just a tent site on each side, a road, and the woods. Pretty nice for a NP campground!