kam B.
mill creek, WA
Joined March 2018
Kalaloch Campground... pass

To be fair you know what your getting into with a popular place. Crowded with lots of people having a great time. If you don't have patients for bikes, kids, families, and laughter late into the night don't come here.The sunsets, and beach are something. You better make sure your site can handle your setup.

A lot of the spaces are tight. In the summer don't think you are going to pop-in, and find a spot on the weekend. The camp host was very clear about non-reservable spots. You have to be there by 9:45 am in case someone leaves, and it's first come first serve. You might try South Beach, but it's in even more demand, and every site is first come first served.

Lots of places to see with Kalaloch as a basecamp. Start with Ruby Beach during a low tide, then explore beaches 1 through 4. That alone is a full weekend. Then there is the rest of the penninsula!