Ian S.
Houston, TX
Joined November 2017
I enjoy everything outdoors, particularly climbing. I love camping with my 2 dogs and dream of doing long trails and big mountains.
A Camp for Climbers

To spend a weekend climbing at Reimer's Ranch (Houston's closest crag, 3 hr drive) you would have to stay at a park that is about 45 min drive out of the way. When 3 climbers bought this land together, that issue was remedied. Located a mere 15 minutes away from the crag, early mornings aren't so early and late nights can be later. I've been here a number of times and every time its a different experience but late nights, big bonfires, great community and clean Porta-potties are a constant. There are no campsites per se, just drive in and find a spot with a polite amount of room and set up before joining the festivities. October-April can get a bit crowded due to climbing season, though my personal bubble hasn't been ruptured. I've done both tent and hammock here and the plethora of trees combined with Texas' typical warm nights and the extreme comfort make the hammock my favorite net for catching z's. Overall, this is an overnight camp only, this is not a park and there are no trails but its a convenient and pleasant place to camp if you're looking to spend time at either Reimer's Ranch or Hamilton Pools. By the way, this place got its name from the rock loving dog, Major who roams the camp and doesn't mind other furry visitors.