Helen M.
New York, NY
Joined August 2018
Walk-on Campers looking for a site Warning!

I love Hither Hills and have been staying there every summer for forty years. The beach is fabulous, the other camper nice and there is always something going on in Montauk or other surrounding towns.

Unfortunately there has been a policy change the camp Manager Tom made in violation to rules put out by the state. According to NYS rules, if site is abandoned for more than 24 hours, it will be released to walk-ons. Tom decided he didn't want the hassle and refused to release this sites. The day I was out there trying to get a walk-on site, I counted at least 15 sites not being used in just on section. Other campers around the sites told us they were empty for days. This is a shame because New Yorkers were denied the opportunity to enjoy the facilities. I was turned away after a three hour drive and being told by friends how empty the grounds were.

Think twice before attempting to get a walk-on site unless the camp management reverts back to the actual rules in the state handbook.

PS - The main bathrooms by the beach were dirty all day long. I used the facilities multiple times from 8:30 AM to 6:30 PM. - and they were never cleaned. This is the main bathroom and the changing room fro the beach. It used to be kept as clean as possible considering the sand users bring in regularly!