Did not come close to meeting expectations.

Had a very unpleasant stay here. We were under the impression this would be a quiet place and it was the furthest thing from it. We drove four hours and were looking forward to a peaceful Labor Day weekend and it was the complete opposite. We arrived just after dark and set up our tent and everything seemed quiet and nice until we were woken in the middle of the night to headlights flashing in our tent for a good twenty-minutes. Then, at 4:30 am the people in the tent super close to us woke up and turned their light on and started a fire and were loud and did not care. We addressed this to the owner and she said she would talk to them(which I believe she would have), and that we could find another spot. Well, the other spots for tents were rock hard and right by peoples RV's. We decided just to leave as any amount of money staying somewhere else would be worth leaving. So in conclusion. Do not stay here if you plan to use a tent. RV may be different. We payed 112 to sleep somewhere for about 3 hours and not use a single amenity. Pathetic. I highly encourage you to stay elsewhere. We ended up finding a motel for 45 a night which was very worth it after a night we went through. It is unfortunate because I believe this can be a wonderful campground but we did not share a pleasant experience. And we are used to camping at KOA's and in remote wilderness and never had a worse night of sleep.