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Big sky and best star gazing

Piñon Flats is a campground within Great Sand Dunes National Park. It's a biologically diverse area in Southern Colorado, where high winds that blow through the Rockies deposit sand at the Southernmost tip . We made camping reservations about six months in advance. The campgrounds are tidy, with trees, bbq pits and space between camp spots ( loop 2 is best!). There are walking trails all around, and a river to splash in, depending on rain levels. You can trek the sand dunes, and even snowboard down the dunes, but sand gets hot and it's best during the cooler hours of the day ( and it's great exercise!) I would highly reccomend it for kids, and a big bonus is that it's dog friendly . Pack a good stash of food and drink because the campground is far away from a grocery store. There are hot springs you can swim in, located just west of the park. Don't miss the night show in the amphitheater with the singing/ guitar playing ranger who tells stories about the critters that inhabit the park! It was delightful. We got to touch and hold rocks from the moon and rocks from Mars . If you are an avid stargazer, this place is the Mac-daddy location , in one of the most remote locations in the US far from city lights. We saw some Persiod meteor showers. The American Indians worshipped this place as sacred, and it's easy to understand why.